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Striptease dancing is no mere tease. This dance originated in extreme antiquity and was intended to please the deities. Originally, the stripping dance was sacred. In any case, this was the “divine” explanation that priests gave to the mothers of young maidens as they were taking their daughters from them to serve the cult.

Modern striptease is more than merely nude beauties dancing to music. It is a sophisticated combination of plasticity and acting, beauty and choreography. In the modern world, the concept of striptease is no longer associated with anything forbidden. A variety of strip dance clubs have emerged, causing this art to develop dramatically and earn attention of millions of men and women across the globe.

The times of 1800s Europe were the true heyday of striptease. The liberal age of freethinking made it possible to enjoy striptease quite legitimately. Many European cities had variety shows with girls entertaining patrons with erotic dances. But the absolute maximum a guest of such variety show could count on was a strip of bare skin between the stocking and the little vulgar skirt. However, things changed overnight in 1893, when a certain Mona decided to dance on a table of the Paris cabaret Moulin Rouge, which resulted in the admiration of the male audience and a fine of a hundred francs.

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There is nothing like striptease for a man’s spirits. This became known during the First World War when elegant beauties appealed to soldiers’ patriotic feelings through dances of “sensual baring”. These were the times when striptease stopped being regarded as vulgar indecency and became instead a bold art, powerful enough to inspire any man to heroism. Let us remember creative experiments of world-famous Mata Hari and Isadora Duncan. They danced ethereal striptease on the brink of insanity, and the word “striptease dancer” no longer meant the same as “prostitute”.

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